E-Commerce & Corrugated packaging machines


Ortigia - Packaging machine

With the growth of e-commerce, the Fidia Ortigia is becomming a vital requirment for the application of tape onto cardboard packaging

The machine is able to apply tear tape, double sided tape and silicone tape on any kind of corrugated boxes. 

  • The external double sided tape or silicone we use for closing the box

  • The central tear tape we use for closing the box

  • The internal double sided tape or silicone tape, we use for closing the box again and returning it


Application of double sided and tear tape on 1.57 mm thick E-flute cardboard

Application of double sided and tear tape on 7.2 mm thick double wall B/C flute cardboard

Double sided and tear tape application on irregular shaped cardboard(crash lock bottom)

Double sided and tear tape application on e-commerce boxes

Because of its friction feeder, it is possible to feed all kinds of different shapes of boxes on the Ortigia. Certainly you can equip the automatic machine to make packaging Ortigia with our Speedy, our Mistral and if needed with our Altor Verticale unwinding system.


Automatic packaging machine Ortigia: hi-tech solution to make high quality packaging.

The Ortigia was born from extensive testing and experimentation on a vast aray of packaging designs with the goal to build a packaging machine capable of performing multiple operations on a single production line, so as to return high quality packaging as a finished product.

The automatic packaging machine Ortigia is a machine modeled to meet the needs of every company that wants to produce functional, original, efficient and resistant packaging. And, above all, as quickly as possible, so as to optimise production costs.

Fidia produces automatic packaging machineries for ecommerce, schopping and boutique packaging. He has been doing this for over 30 years and the experience gained in the graphic world allows us to design absolutely perfect packaging machines.

Moreover, main features of the Ortigia packaging machine are:

Maximum feeding format:      200 x 120 cm

Minimum feeding format:         30 x 20 cm

Carton thickness max: E flute – 1.6 mm

                                        B flute – 3.2 mm
                                        C flute – 4.3 mm
                                        BC flute – 7.2 mm


Speedy - Tape applicator

These automatic double sided adhesive tape application machines can be mounted to the Fidia machine itself (like the Borea line, the Ortigia Line, the shopping bag line). In the same way it can be mounted to retrofit on a folder-gluers like Bobst or Vega.

An image of the head of the Speedy tape application

Certainly, we are able to provide our customers with our double sided adhesive applicator Speedy (here for the video). It releases and glue on a support a tape having the adhesive in two sides. In addition, we can use the same double sided adhesive tape application machine to apply the tear tape or rippa tape (for example, in this video). Even for obtain a simplified opening of the envelope or of the e-commerce box.

Why can’t this tape applicator be missing in your company?

Undoubtedly, more and more customers in the world of print finishing require the application of a double-sided tape. It became important now days to do this work, to make the finished work rich and attractive to customers. We can use double sided tape on the back of posters and for closing envelopes. But also for shopping bags, e-commerce envelopes and much more. 

A video of the Double Side Application Tape published on our YouTube channel

The Fidia Macchine Grafiche Speedy double sided adhesive tape applicator is extremely easy to fix on a conventional folder gluer. Simply just place it in the machine shoulders.

The Speedy can be controlled by any gluing system installed on your folder gluer machine. Like: RobatechHhsNortson. In addition, if you don’t have a free channel on your gluing system, we can provide a standalone control system.

Main features of Speedy tape application head

The main features of a Fidia tape applicators are:

Tape width from 4 to 25 mm

Possibility to work with a roll (generally up to 500 meters)

Possibility to work with a spool (generally from 3.000 to 20.000 meters)

using our Altor Verticale tape unwinder.


Altor Verticale - Tape unwinder

Altor Verticale tape unwinder is a new concept machine. Ideal for unwinding spool of double sided tape, silicon tape and tear tape. This device is autonomous and can work on almost all the Fidia’s machines. Through this system, it is possible to feed any kind of tape, directly to our Speedy head. Even if it has been previously installed on the machine already in your possession.

These machine it is installable on the Fidia machine itself (like the Ortigia line, the Borea line, the Tosca line, the Shopping bag line). In the same way can be mounted to retrofit, folder gluers like Bobst or Vega.

Our Altor Verticale tape unwinder

Why can’t this tape unwinder be missing in your company?

Undoubtedly, a lot of customers in the world of print finishing require the use of spools with a large capacity.

With the Altor Verticale tape unwinder is possible to convert in an easy and economical way the roller load capacity. In fact, the 500 meters roller lenght provided by the Speedy, can be improved up to a 20000 meters. Of course, depending on the thickness and width of the tape provided by the spool unwinding, Altor Verticale.

With the automatic tape unroller Altor Verticale, it is therefore possible to reduce the tape roller changing times. This will have a big benefit to have higher production. The Altor Verticale will do the same work in less time. It will reduce the loss of time due to frequent machine stops to replace the roll, on the Speedy applicator.

Main features of Speedy tape application head

Main features of tape unroller Altor Verticale tape unwinder, are:

Tape width from 4 to 25 mm, on request we can have a large size of 42 mm when we have to feed silicon tape

Possibility to work with a spool (generally up to 20.000 meters)