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Automatic tape application machines

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Double sided tape application machine 

With the growth of e-commerce, the APR Solutions ATHOS line is a vital requirment for the application of tape onto cardboard packaging.

The machine is able to apply tear tape, double sided tape and silicone tape on any kind of corrugated boxes. 

  • The external double sided tape or silicone we use for closing the box

  • The central tear tape we use for closing the box

  • The internal double sided tape or silicone tape, we use for closing the box again and returning it


ATHOS: A hi-tech solution to make high quality packaging.

The ATHOS was born from extensive testing and experimentation on a vast aray of packaging designs with the goal to build a packaging machine capable of performing multiple operations on a single production line, so as to return high quality packaging as a finished product.

The automatic packaging machine ATHOS is a machine modeled to meet the needs of every company that wants to produce functional, original, efficient and resistant packaging. And, above all, as quickly as possible, so as to optimise production costs.

APR Solutions is a fast growing company founded in 2015 by its founders with over 20 years of experience in finishing and converting. The ATHOS line was developed with both packaging and the traditional print finishing sector in mind, with a particular focus on the packaging industry as one of the fastest growing market sectors, as well as for the industrial application of a wide range of range of double-sided adhesives in a completely automatic way. 

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Tape applicators 

These automatic tape applicatiors can be mounted to the ATHOS machine itself or retro fit to other machines with many different options:

RAP - Double sided tape applicator

RAP SIL - Silicone band applicator

RAP MAG - Magnetic tape applicator

RAP STRIP - Tear tape applicator 

We are able to provide our customers with our double sided adhesive applicator RAP. It releases and glues on a support a tape having the adhesive in two sides. In addition, we can use the same double sided adhesive tape application machine to apply the tear tape or rippa tape. Even for obtain a simplified opening of the envelope or of the e-commerce box.

Why can’t this tape applicator be missing in your company?

Undoubtedly, more and more customers in the world of print finishing require the application of a double-sided tape. It became important to do this work, to make the finished work rich and attractive to customers.

We can use double sided tape on the back of posters and for closing envelopes. But also for shopping bags, e-commerce envelopes and much more. 

RAP Tape applicator is designed to apply the double-sided tape (Bi-Adhesive tape) in a automatic way on any kind of automatic machine or semi-automatic machine such as the folder glueing machines and simple carpets aspiriing or normal. 

Our applicator controled by an electro-pneumatic system is very accurate and effective, at the same time guarantee a linear application on any type of support you chose to use thanks to our system-sealing product.

Main features of RAP application head:

The main features of a APR RAP tape applicator is:

Tape width from 9 to 25 mm and on request up to 45mm

Speeds from 10-100 Mt/m

Material weights from 80-800 g/m and all corrugated flute tpyes A,B,C,E,D,N,EB,EF

Possibility to work with a roll (generally up to 500 meters)

Possibility to work with a spool (generally from 3.000 to 20.000 meters)

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